Casey Noonan, Project Manager Awarded the Cookie Monster Award

July 21st, 2017- Modesto, CA- Having a sense of humor and originality is an absolute must in our culture. We don’t just present awards, we create the most unique experience to our recipients. A long standing tradition of ours in recognizing the highest level of utilization in multiple projects is our Cookie Monster Award. Much like the Cookie Monster with his insatiable appetite, our Project Manager Casey Noonan can never get enough projects to consume! There is just something absolutely delicious about the sweet taste of success that is so perfectly embodied in a cookie. Congratulations Casey, we’ll give you some private time to savor the moment all to yourself!

Career Fair Season is in the Air

October 19, 2016- Davis, CA- It has been a busy and productive Fall season for Industrial Automation Group, traveling across California to attend College Career Fairs in search of the best and brightest! We are grateful for being hosted by UC Davis and having had the opportunity to not only network with the students but also companies across the United States specializing in the Food & Beverage sector. Every trip is a new adventure, and a new opportunity to expand our knowledge. We loved the resumes that have been presented at our booth but even more the smiles that were shared!uc-davis-career-fair