Casey Noonan Awarded Cookie Monster Award

July 21st, 2017- Modesto, CA- Having a sense of humor and originality is an absolute must in our culture. We don’t just present awards, we create the most unique experience to our recipients. A long standing tradition of ours in recognizing the highest level of utilization in multiple projects is our Cookie Monster Award. Much like the Cookie Monster with his insatiable appetite, our Project Manager Casey Noonan can never get enough projects to consume! There is just something absolutely delicious about the sweet taste of success that is so perfectly embodied in a cookie. Congratulations Casey, we’ll give you some private time to savor the moment all to yourself. #gotlogix #IAGDoesTIA #IAG321Ignition #SXBTeamLife


Automation Group recognized as Expert in Software for Ignition SCADA System

June 29th, 2017- Modesto, CA- As a Premier Certified systems integrator partner of Inductive Automation it is with great pride to see our very own Controls Engineer, David Schmidt being quoted as a subject matter expert in the announcement of Seeq Corporation’s Seeq connection module for Ignition SCADA system. David has been instrumental to us as an early adopter of Ignition serving both as a subject matter expert for the platform and trainer for our engineers. David has led the way for Automation Group’s partnership as a Premier Integrator with Inductive Automation. As a company specializing in food and beverage we are extremely excited to utilize Seeq Workbench to quickly find and extract data insights. This is absolutely a game changer and we look forward to implementing this new collaborative platform for our customers so they can get the best of both worlds: innovative monitoring and data management.      @Automation_Crew  #IAG321Ignition

Automation Group now an Inductive Automation Ignition Certified Premier Integrator

June 21st, 2017- Modesto, CA- Automation Group is thrilled to announce that it is now an Inductive Automation Ignition Premier Integrator. Our Ignition Premier Certification validates that multiple engineers on our team are currently Ignition Certified. Automation Group is also recognized by Inductive Automation as an Integrator experienced in successfully implementing Ignition software and actively selling their software in new projects. We are proud to have earned this badge and look forward to many more systems integration projects that will let us leverage and utilize Ignition Platform. We are grateful to our partners at Inductive Automation for giving us the opportunity to prove our technical aptitude and expertise. @InductiveAuto @Automation_Crew #SXBTeamLife #321IAGIgnition 



All Aboard the Siemens Truck!

June 19th, 2017- Thank you Siemens for stopping by today with a very impressive demonstration. We felt like big kids aboard the science truck filled with the latest and greatest technologies. It is amazing what can be done with the right platforms! We appreciate your time, with a special thank you expressed to Jeff Ballard, Sarah Alqaysi, and Michael Holbrook. We are grateful for such a beneficial partnership! @Automation_Crew  #SXBTeamLife  #IAGDoesTIA  @SiemensUSA

Automation Group Announces Team SXB- Solution Experts Business

June 19th, 2017- Modesto, CA- Automation Group is pleased to announce the creation of a newly specialized division. Our Solution Experts Business is a team of highly trained and experienced engineers specialized across multiple verticals.

The SXB Team, led by Engineering Manager Gagan Pandher is serving clients with local engineers that are highly trained, factory certified and recognized experts with extensive food and beverage experience.

With their numerous platform certifications, Automation Group is now delivering more and more complex automation projects to their customers by leveraging the SXB’s process experience and talent.   @Automation_Crew  #SXBTeamLife #gotlogix  #IAGDoesTIA  #321IAGIgnition @InductiveAuto  @WonderwareSA  @RokAutomation  @SiemensUSA



#GotLogix ?

May 31st, 2017- Modesto, CA-  Got Logix? We do! And plenty of it! Automation Group has officially completed 11, 876  Food & Beverage jobs since 2007. And we’re just getting started… Follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to be part of our incredible growth. #GotLogix   #SXBTeamLife  @Automation_Crew

Automation Group Becomes Wonderware Certified System Integrator Partner

May 19th, 2017- Modesto, CA-  Automation Group is pleased to announce that we are now a Wonderware Certified System Integrator Partner.

In an effort led by both Engineering Manager, Gagan Pandher and Vice President, Randy Ruano Automation Group can now add an additional platform certification to the many others we have already earned.

“We are proud of becoming a Wonderware Certified Partner.  It differentiates us from other integrators who focus on other visualization products and do not have the many years of experience we do with the incredibly powerful products Wonderware offers,” says Brad Stegmann President of Automation Group.

Automation Group currently has five engineers that are both Wonderware InTouch and System Platform Certified. Automation Group looks forward to continue servicing their existing Wonderware based clients and taking on new projects in food processing, packing lines, and water/waste water.

Automation Group Featured on Front Page of Pro Food World!

May 17th, 2017- Modesto, CA- We couldn’t be more proud or excited to be featured on the front landing page of Pro Food World as a notable Systems Integrator specializing in Food & Beverage. Our project made headlines in Controls Engineering Magazine and the press keeps coming back for more!

Read all About It Here: 

Our Busy Bees in the Panel Shop

May 11th, 2017- Modesto CA, In preparation for our busiest season ahead, the gentlemen of our panel shop are staying very busy this Spring and doing an incredible job keeping up with our customers. Though they may be hard at work, they always make time to stop and yell “TRAIN!!” every time it comes around… a tradition we have all learned to love and cherish here at Industrial Automation Group. 

Snacks and Suds at the Dust Bowl Brewery

May 2nd, 2017- Modesto, CA- Culture always comes first at Automation Group! We take the time to bond as a team and celebrate our successes with a fun night out on the town. The best part about working with such wonderful people on a daily basis is to have nights like these when we can all build relationships outside of work. Cheers!

The Dragon Slayer Award!

April 28, 2017- Modesto, CA- We are pleased to share with you our long standing tradition of the coveted Dragon Slayer Award. Our engineers and technicians fight battles every day in overcoming obstacles and ensuring that our clients are always satisfied- they embody the real life definition of a Dragon Slayer. The award is given to the engineer who has had the highest utilization rate continuously for 12 weeks. This quarter our Dragon Slayer winner is Matt Peterson whom the award will gallantly reside at his desk until the next challenger takes the trophy!