December 4th, 2017- Modesto, CA- As part of their ongoing contemporary approach and drive for innovation, privately held Systems Integrator, Automation Group has successfully implemented a new ERP system Microsoft Dynamics as of June 5th, 2017. The implementation has enabled greater business intelligence through visibility across multiple business units in one central location.

Microsoft Dynamics AX was the right choice for the Systems Integrator as it offered the best solution with the versatility to handle a diverse business model. As Project Manager, Jesus Fuentes explains “AX is incredibly agile and flexible. As an organization we can be just as agile in our business growth.” Working closely with Jesus was Dave Jones, I.T Director who led the first phase of the project in establishing the infrastructure.

The project did not come without its’ obstacles and challenges. “We were in the process of radically changing a software culture of over 75 years, and still figuring out exactly what we wanted structured,” states Dave Jones. The team persevered, with the patience of a supportive leadership team and a commitment to not give up. “Jesus acted as our relief pitcher to pick up the energy, momentum and vision to complete the project.” adds Dave. As Jesus puts it “AX just had to work.”

As for our masterminds, Jesus Fuentes has been acting as mediator between the people and technology in resolving issues. Dave Jones is now an integral part of the Core Team to establish and monitor best practices throughout the evolution of the new ERP.

The sacrifice and long hours were absolutely worth it as Automation Group is now more supported than ever before with the technology they need to sustain their high velocity double digit growth.