February 1st, 2017- Atlanta, Georgia   In search of the best and brightest engineering talent in the country we headed to the University of Georgia’s Spring Career Fair. Our trip began at 4:00 am with a long flight and very little sleep to Dallas, Texas  as a layover and then arriving to Atlanta, Georgia after many trains and planes. Arriving just in time for dinner we had the amusement of discovering that Georgia has as many Waffle House , Bojangles, and Fried Chicken spots as much as we Californians have of Pho Soups, Sushi restaurants and Taquerias. The food surely didn’t disappoint and I’m happy to report that I had cheesy grits, hashbrown casserole, and creamy southern style spinach for the first time in my life and it was addictive! Thanks to the Southern Hospitality of the students that we met at UGA’s Career Fair we were directed to Dawg Gone Good BBQ acclaimed to being the best BBQ joint where students dig in on smokey ribs in between classes. For those of you who have followed our articles, you know how serious IAG is when it comes to traveling and hunting down the most delicious BBQ America has to offer! Having our faces stuffed we decided to go for a stroll right by the famous Morton Building to take a moment and pause in complete admiration of the beautiful old- style architecture Georgia has to offer. As exhausted as we were the memories made were absolutely worth the journey and the talent we met has convinced us that we would be foolish not to return next year!