At Automation Group we embrace the Northern California lifestyle.

Coastal Camping in California


Are you interested in taking your career in controls engineering to the next level? Automation Group offers multiple career opportunities across California. Not only is there opportunity for a meaningful career move, there are also many perks that make the transition to IAG a plus.

  • Competitive pay
  • Weekly Bonus program
  • Excellent Benefits
  • Flexible Hours
  • Quarterly awards for top performers
  • Four year PE based Controls Engineer training program
  • PMP based PMIT (Project Manager In Training) program
  • Comprehensive 401K with a generous company match
  • A positive and collaborative working environment
  • A one year pass to all National Parks
  • Easy access to the mountains, beaches, San Francisco and Sacramento
  • Gorgeous weather year round

Endless occupational and personal experiences await you at Industrial Automation Group.

See below for current openings.





Kelly Boler“I enjoy being so close to iconic places like Yosemite which has amazing backpacking locations.”





Casey Noonan“One word about Northern California, TAHOE!”


MB_White Water Rafting



Micheal Black“What’s the meaning of life? To live, so go out and live it!”





Brad Stegmann“I have lived all over the US, I couldn’t imagine raising my family anywhere else.”





Mike Combs“Northern California has the best dirt bike trails.”





Tim Burkett“Northern California is a great place to live because you are in the center of so many wonderful places to visit. I found it to be an excellent place to raise my family.”