November 8, 2016- Atlanta, Georgia-  img_1022-1It starts with an Uber ride to the Rexel Reception in Atlanta, Georgia in observation of the massive 2016 Automation Fair. Determined to find the best damn BBQ place in Atlanta I do what recruiters do best, interview away until all screening questions have been thoroughly cleared out and we get to the final answer: Fat Matts Rib Shack and the second instinct kicks in- gotta convince the hiring manager that this is the one. 

Mike is onboard and we’re off. All nine of us packed in a taxi van laughing away hysterically in the nostalgic choices of our musical taste from the 90s rapping away to snoop dog and Dr. Dre and crying tears of joy from inside office jokes that still haven’t reached their expiration. 

Unable to breathe from laughter the driver opens our door and the air is filled with the incredibly sweet, sticky and smokey air of two smokers cooking in the back. 

Kelly opens the door and all faces smile staring at each other thinking one united thought “are you serious ?! A live Blues Band!” We re welcomed with the best Southern Hospitality and we all venture in trying every item on the menu. 

Absolute bliss! Delicious finger lickin’ good BBQ and music that vibrated and resonated right down to our core waking up our soul with a new outlook on what it means to have a business dinner.

Though it wasn’t a Thanksgiving dinner the feeling of family was across the entire table. Connected, content, happy with full bellies we couldn’t have a better bonding experience.

Stories being shouted across the table, laughter erupting and the swaying of our blues’ moves while sitting down couldn’t be ignored. 

We head back to the house to have the most competitive Karaoke competition and it’s only before calling it a night that we realize – it’s just Tuesday!

This is it – this is the team at Industrial Automation Group and our culture is unlike any other.

We are not a household name, we are not on Forbes Top 50 Best Company Culture list though we are on the cover of Controls Engineering Magazine and we are not the largest system integrator. We are humble, determined and resilient and know how to enjoy ribs at a Blues Bar on a weekday- that’s our secret sauce!