September 5th, 2017- Modesto, CA

After a three year journey of conceptualization and development Automation Group’s newly structured Project Management Office (PMO) has successfully taken off. The PMO serves as the backbone of their project management approach and double digit growth. Adaptable and progressive engineering firms such as Automation Group are shifting their organizational structures to a strong matrix which leverages a PMO.

The launch of Automation Group’s PMO structure began in 2015 when functional roles were strategically identified. That same year Automation Group had the foresight to hire an Engineering Manager responsible for the management of engineers rather than having engineers report directly into a project team. It was through the hiring of an Engineering Manager that the concept of an SXB Team (Solution eXperts Business) was created.

Beginning of fiscal year 2016, Randy Ruano was selected to direct the PMO which still consisted of projectized teams supported by only a few SXB engineers. The following year, Casey Noonan who began working for Automation Group as a Controls Engineer was promoted as the first “Super Project Manager” relying 100% on SXB engineers for project execution.

The company rapidly grew in sales from 2013 to 2016 thus demanding an increase in engineers. In just a few short months the SXB team acquired 15 additional engineers across three branches. By mid 2017 the PMO grew to include a Vice President (Randy Ruano), two directors (Jason Kieffer and Levi Upham), and five Project Managers (Julio Velasco, Casey Noonan, James Rhyne, Micheal Black and Robert Rash).

Gagan Pandher, SXB team Engineering Manager now leads over thirty highly trained, specialized and certified engineers across five branches. With SXB the PMO now has more horsepower than ever for larger complex projects.

Automation Group is pleased to report that they are wrapping up another banner year, far exceeding the double digit growth of prior years as a result of embracing the contemporary strong matrix organizational structure.


About Industrial Automation Group, LLC

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