June 29th, 2017- Modesto, CA- As a Premier Certified systems integrator partner of Inductive Automation it is with great pride to see our very own Controls Engineer, David Schmidt being quoted as a subject matter expert in the announcement of Seeq Corporation’s Seeq connection module for Ignition SCADA system. David has been instrumental to us as an early adopter of Ignition serving both as a subject matter expert for the platform and trainer for our engineers. David has led the way for Automation Group’s partnership as a Premier Integrator with Inductive Automation. As a company specializing in food and beverage we are extremely excited to utilize Seeq Workbench to quickly find and extract data insights. This is absolutely a game changer and we look forward to implementing this new collaborative platform for our customers so they can get the best of both worlds: innovative monitoring and data management.      @Automation_Crew  #IAG321Ignition