csia 2015

Modesto, CA – June 25 2015 – Industrial Automation Group, provider of plant automation services to food and beverage manufacturers nationwide, has earned RE-CERTIFICATION status in CONTROL SYSTEM INTEGRATORS ASSOCIATION’S (CSIA) “Best Practices and Benchmarks” certification program.

Automation Group  elevated its status in an elite group of control system integrators worldwide that have successfully completed the audit process. Brad Stegmann, President of Automation Group, said “We have grown into the top tier of the certification process and that raised the bar for us. We rose to the occasion and scored higher in this audit than in any other audit to date. I am very proud of the men and women here who made it happen”

Criteria for CSIA’s landmark CERTIFIED Member program was developed in concurrence with Fortune 500 companies, a cross-section of other firms that use control system integrators’ services, and industrial automation product suppliers that often team with integrators.

CONTROL SYSTEM INTEGRATORS ASSOCIATION (www.controlsys.org) is in its second decade of helping better system integrators become better business managers. Its CERTIFIED Member program is considered the industry standard for system integration project confidence.