December 16, 2016- Modesto, CA- It was only 6 years ago that Albert Salcedo joined Industrial Automation Group as a Controls Engineer. He certainly surprised himself thinking he would stay on the technical side when Brad Stegmann, President of IAG offered him the opportunity to become a Project Manager. In Albert’s words “I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it but I tried and gave it my all! “ Fast forward to present day of December 2016 and we are celebrating a monumental achievement! In just 5 years, Albert generated over $10 Million in Revenue and expanded the growth of our company to an unimaginable level.  Despite the fame, recognition and 10 Million Dollar Bill handed to him Albert is still the same man we all cherish as a colleague- humble and moved by the gesture. Albert credits a huge part of his success as being privileged and blessed to work with such an inspirational, caring, and unconditionally supportive team. Albert takes great pride in expressing “My team always has my back and I love the people I work with!” So what’s next for Albert you may ask? A new role focused on training, developing and teaching the next generation of Controls Engineers, becoming a mentor, a technical Subject Matter Expert for advice to our clients and assisting with new quotes. Albert is extremely excited and eager for what the future may bring at Industrial Automation Group, but above all he is looking forward to spending more time with his children and discovering a new hobby or two!